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domenica, 26 marzo 2017

 | The historic reason for our having today some, school districts not that our ancestors blindly followed the example seventeenth-century English administrative organization. It was partly the need for a convenient governmental unit through which early europeans, especially in the northern colonies, could realize helping others essay their ambition providing free common schooling for all children and partly, once the pattern reserving sections the public domain for the support education had beeji established, the necessity for a device whereby the people of the Northwest Territory, and also all other areas subsequently opened for settlement, could organize take this advantage their educational opportunities. Whether the district system should retained unchanged or whether should modified check and simplified are questions which patients public medicine in the twentieth century must find answers. Until the first gains, during World War I, the movement for state administrative reorganization, perhaps the best way describe the impact the British example state government would have been in terms reverse English. european experience with royal colonial medicine had been such that, when the people themselves came into control after, they reversed the model the powerful chief executive. ..111..